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Describe your in-game persona
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Name: Cain Walls
Known alias: 'The Savior'
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Special Skills:
Bringing Home The Bacon
[Before the end, during his time living in Oklahoma, Cain's full-time job was a Survival Trainer. Ranging from beginner to advanced, Cain time and time again trained others in skills such as tracking, hunting, trap making, as well as camp & base management, building, and fortification.]
"You Charismatic Son'uva'.."
[Although his temperament and overall mental health is in an almost psychotic
state, there's just something that draws others to Cain and helps him form relationships with others.]
[ Ever since the end arrived, Cain has never let his trusty baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire out of his sight. Although swinging the bat has become quite easy, his attachment to the bat is extremely abnormal. If his bat were taken away/in any sort of danger to being stolen/damaged, Cain would become enraged and would likely make choices he otherwise would know better than to make.]
Was The Joke That Bad?
[ Cain has a rather -desensitized- reaction to death and violence, or anything involving such. Due to his mentally unstable state, Cain is brought to an almost ecstatic state when inflicting pain/being violent to another person. While this may allow Cain to remain the closest to calm he'll ever be, others around him may become sickened or disturbed by his overly brutal actions/mentality.]


Cain Walls is a 32 year old Caucasian from a little town known as Sanctuary Plains, Oklahoma. Cain stands at 6 foot 3 inches tall, and weighs approximately 155 Lbs. His light blue eyes, neatly trimmed goatee, and short yet neatly cut black hair, gives Cain a rugged yet attractive look. During Cain's 32 years of life he has learned one lesson above all the rest, the world and all of its power is against him. From an early age Cain was abandoned by both of his parents, left to fend for himself at the age of ten years old. This resulted in Cain having severe trust issues, as well as problems with abandonment and loyalty. Although most people would succumb to the trials of surviving the world at such a young age, Cain embraced it. Learning to use his surroundings, and that of which he could steal or collect during the day, to create a home and belongings for himself. By his mid-teenage years, Cain learned that he could use his charismatic personality and good looks to manipulate others to help make life a little easier.

It was his 19th birthday that showed Cain the beginning of a new path, and her name was Lucy. From the moment Cain laid his eyes on Lucy, he knew that he must know her. It wasn't long after Cain used his normal charismatic "moves", that Lucy had fallen into the same trap that many before her had fallen victim too. Except this time was different, Cain genuinely cared for Lucy and gave his all to make her care for him. Throughout their twenties Lucy and Cain traveled from town to town, hustling and stealing enough to get by before moving onto the next town. That is, until everything went off the deep end. It was quite obvious, even at the beginning of the end, that while Cain was cut out for -life after the end-, Lucy was not. Many people would say Cain Walls was never fully a "Person", not being equipped with the same morals and beliefs as of a regular person. But deep down, it was the morning he awoke to find that Lucy had taken her own life that ultimately sucked away what little humanity Cain had left. Ever since her death, Cain has wandered the streets alone, awaiting the next traveler that crosses his path.
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