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 #7212  by jonnywellium
Still, you can use this liquid in your vape device, If you're fond of the flavour. This flavour is responsible for the flavours in any vape device. It depends on the people, and it depends on their choice. Some people are more into vapours and use an redundant quantum of VG liquid. Some people are more into flavours and keep an redundant quantum of PG liquid in their vape bias. The stylish rate of VG and PG is50/50.

still, you can use disposable vapes like Tngo Glow Bar 1000 Puffs Magic Bar 1500 , If you're a new vaper. You ca n’t change the setting of the vape bias, and you ca n’t indeed refill thee-liquid in these vape bias. There's no need to worry about it because you can buy a vape device according to your rate of VG and PG.